Frizzy hair? How to get rid of it?

I know what causes frizzy hair now that I read something, I found out it can be from washing hair too much, using too much shampoo and not enough conditioner, not using the right types of shampoo or conditioner (mainly conditioner), not drinking enough water, not eating a balanced diet.
So, I only drink a glass of water or not even water on some days (Which ik is SUPER bad for me!) I plan on changing it
I also wash my hair every other day with hot water (which takes out my oils)
I put shampoo throughout my hair but my hairdresser says I should only put shampoo on my scalp and conditioner on everywhere else but my scalp
My diet is not balanced because when I get home from school I snack on junk and don't eat my healthy dinner
Does all of this sound like it could be making my hair frizzy?
Here's my history:
I used to have perfect hair, it was straight and kind of curly wavy on the ends and very sleek and shiny
Then I started flat ironing it for unknown reasons and my hair turned into tight, frizzy curls
I then got a Japanese hair straightening treatment in April of 2014, meant to last 12-18 months.
I have only added heat to my hair about 6 times this entire year and I use heat protectors every time I did

So, the treatment is wearing off and my hair is starting to get kind of more frizzy than it was at the beginning of the treatment.



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  • Okay, so from what I can gather you have curly hair. I also have curly hair and it took me a while to figure out what products work best for me. I try not to wash my hair too often, curly hair is naturally dry, so it practically screams if you over-wash it. Once or twice a week should be fine.

    I don't condition my hair in the shower, I wait till I'm out, put a coin-size amount of condition in your hair. Tips to roots. It doesn't matter what brand or if it's leave-in, I just use Head and Shoulders. It keeps the curls glossy.

    Avoid using a hairbrush or any heat. Instead, opt for a comb and only comb once a day or so. Try to trim the ends of your hair regularly, every few weeks if possible, curly hair needs more cutting. I just do it myself because I find that the hairdressers try to take too much off.

    Another product that helps is John Frieda Frizz-Ease. It comes in a few different products, but I use the spray and it works really well. Styling gel can also be useful, just scrunched it in the bottom of your hair.

    Another thing you can do is a butter treatment. Lather about a tablespoon of butter through your hair. Put a shower cap on and leave it overnight. In the morning, rinse it out in the shower and shampoo your hair, it'll be a lot silkier and smooth.

    Hope this helps!

    • Ok thank you so much! This was really helpful! Would coconut oil also be a good bet to leave in my hair in a shower cap over night and rinse out in the morning?

    • Coconut would definitely work as well! Palmer's Coconut Conditioner is really nice too. I've used that before, but it's not something I can buy in my country (Australia,) I found it on a family trip to Vanuatu.

      Oh and in regards to the John Frieda product it's called Frizz Ease - Dream Curls:

    • Yes! I saw that commercial on TV. I'll really plan to look into it and try to buy it. Thanks :)

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  • Sometimes frizz is from new growth.

  • The heat damage is making the hair frizzy. DEEP CONDITION and stop using heat!

    • When you say deep conditioning do you mean to get a good conditioner brand and do a good hair mask once a week? And after showers to put like moroccan oil or something on the ends of my hair?

    • A hair mask once a week

  • Humidity control. Might help.

    • Well I live in Arizona, no humidity here lol.

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