Need help picking a tattoo design?

So I just passed my NREMT and I want to get a tattoo of the EMS symbol. I know its not the best location but I want it across my lower back. I have created 3 'rough drafts' and I can't seem to pick a favorite. I don't want to be super cliche with it either.
Need help picking a tattoo design?

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This is one I worked on after and I repeat it is a ROUGH DRAFT, a general idea, an outline


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  • Tattoos as you know won't rub off won't wear off. Over the years the colors bleed into each other to the point you can't even tell what the tattoo was. They are also expensive to get rid of and they scar if you have the removed. If I were you I would think twice before getting the first one.

    • Why just the first one?

    • Because if you decide not to get the first one put on you there would be no second one.

    • I thought you meant the design. Okay... makes sense but his has been one I've wanted for years. And in my profession I can't have many anyway.

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  • No offence, but I say none of them. Get a pro design here:

    • I did say rough draft.

    • Ahh. Seems I didn't read carefully. Anyway, on that site you can create a contest describing what you are looking for, and artists submit designs. You then pick your favourite.

  • Number 2 is more classy because it wouldn't look like a tramp stamp on your lower back. But if you want a tramp stamp then go for #3.
    #1 doesn't look very serious either way.

  • id have to say tattwo
    (pun intended)

  • Woot this is ugly, sorry. None is good

    • They are rough drafts, a general idea not a final design. I have another one I did that I like better anyway.

  • I like the 2nd the most, don't like the first cause of the ambulance and not the second cause of the butterfly

  • I don't suppose there's any way I can talk you out of getting a tramp stamp, and getting it somewhere else instead?

    If you're adamant about getting it there, #2 is best. It's mostly symmetrical, and it's much more interesting than the ultra-cliched butterfly.


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