Girls, How to deal with a cartilage piercing?

I'm getting a cartilage piercing and I was wondering about somethings like:
•Ways to deal with pain while getting it done
•Ways to deal with pain after getting it done
•A good place to go
•How to prevent infections
•How to tell when I have an infection
•Do they give me a kit to clean my piercing with and if not what do I use
•Places to get cute earrings :)
Also, a lot of my family members don't know about the piercing and I don't think they would like it and ask a ton of questions, how do I deal with that


  • Just surprise them with the piercing
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  • Tell them I got the piercing after I get it done
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  • i would recommend going to a professional. it will be a little more expensive maybe but i think it's worth it. they're more clean, and know what they're doing. try to avoid claires or anywhere that uses a gun. if you can't, its not too big of a deal. i just think it's cleaner when a professional does it. the claires near me doesn't even do cartilage piercings.
    for the pain while getting it, it really isn't too bad. it's a quick pinch and afterwards it will be tender, throbbing and burny, and sore like any piercing. it will probably hurt to sleep on that side, so avoid doing that, and avoid bumping it. if you bump it or pull on it, it can get irritated and possibly cause a small keloid (scar tissue). keep your hair away from it, and never touch it with dirty hands. always wash your hands before you touch it.
    they may or may not give you a cleaning kit, but i don't think they will. you can just use a very mild hand soap to clean it, 2-3 times a day. or H20cean works well too.
    i recommend using dial gold bar soap
    this stuff is good for piercings too
    and h20cean, which is a sea salt spray.
    you can find the provon and the sea salt spray on amazon if they don't have it available at the piericng shop you go to.
    to prevent infection, just keep it clean. clean it at least 2 times a day for the first week or so. after that you can clean it just once a day. if its infected it will be really red, hot to the touch, pussy, swollen and gross. if it's still really red and swollen after a week, call your piercer. the swelling should go down within a week.
    places to get cute earrings are amazon, icing, piercing shops, forever21 maybe? any clothing store that has accessories.
    i know this was long but i hope it was informative! if you have any questions you can message me or just ask them here.
    i have 2 cartilage piercings by the way lol

    • Thank you so much for all the information. But I had a question on twisting it while it heals. I had had a friend who got a cartilage piering. When she got it apparently they told her to twist it often but I can't remember exactly why. But I was wondering wouldn't that affect the healing process and possibly cause an infection.

    • you're welcome. by twisting the earring in your ear, it'll help loosen all the crusty things that happen when you have a fresh piercing. it's just like dead skin cells and plasma. it's because your body is trying to heal. so that loosens them, and helps them get washed away.
      when i got my cartilage pierced, the lady told me to twist it in the shower. i just did my own thing and washed twice a day, but i did twist in the shower a few times. i have enough piercing experience to know how to take care of ear piercings. i don't think it would cause an infection, or disrupt the healing process, as i've done it myself.

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  • go to an actual piercing place to get it done, paying more is definitely worth it

    get it done with a needle (a proper place should do this anyways,) getting it done with a gun = high risk of your cartilage shattering

    DONT USE DIAL, lots of people recommend it but a lot of people have adverse reactions to it, a salt soak twice a day is best. You can look up the ratio online

    don't twist it, better yet don't touch it, if it's getting crusty or infected go back to the place you got it pierced at and ask for help.

    get it done on the side you don't sleep on, if you sleep on your left side and you get it done there, every time u put pressure on it, it will hurt.

    know your ears, if they're sensitive go somewhere where you can get it pierced with titanium (it costs more but way less irritating,) make sure you wait the 6 months it takes to heal before you replace the jewellery

    good luck!!! you will love it, I got mine done in December and am going back this weekend for a second lobe <3

  • It's not bad at all. I had my friend do mine with a needle years ago, ha. I've also had it redone professionally. They're not unbearable, just a pinch like getting your lobes pierced. A professional should be able to handle it quickly. Just make sure your clean it daily, as well as keep upt hair away from it, and don't touch it with dirty hands of course.

    • They should give you a bottle of cleanser to clean your new piercing. I'd imagine Claire's or any accessory store having cute jewelry for it! It's a cute piercing so your family shouldn't mind it too much

  • I've had my belly pierced, my eyebrow and doubles in my ear. I've also had my nose pierced four times. I'm telling you now, expect pain. My cartilage piercing was 100% the most painful I've ever had. It's also going to burn and hurt for a few days after. But after that, it's an awesome piercing. It heals pretty fast. Just use your usual piercing spray.