What makes me the jerk?

OK, I have been looking through some of these questions concerning musicians and how much a girl is attracted to them. I say its all a load of crap. I play almost anything you can name, I am a wonderful musician, but I don't play for money or to make people like me, I play because I enjoy it, it is a beautiful passion of mine, and I have a voice that could melt ice, but I won't go out with a girl if she is attracted to me for my musical talents. If I'm going to get into a relationship, I want it to be for who I am. Ill admit it, I ain't the most gorgeous guy ever, but still. Does that make me a jerk, as I've been called plenty of times before?


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  • "If I'm going to get into a relationship, I want it to be for who I am"

    Well, if a girl likes you for your music, isn't that her liking you for who you are? I mean...who are you? A musician!

    I think you should feel lucky if you find a girl who likes you for your music. I ran a poll on Yahoo! Answers awhile back asking girls who do they find more attractive: musicians or athletes, & most girls seemed to like jocks more by A LOT. Like you could put a high school quarterback up against Steven Tyler or the Jonas Bros., & most girls would pick the QB.