I want to wear pants on future proms?

I'm not a fan of dress wearing. I get really anxious and loose self esteem when I wear one in certain public places like school but I'm not bothered inside my house. But I really want to go to future proms with my friends. Im not going to go because of a boy because I never really was interested. I just want to go there to have a good time for celebrating. And maybe chow down treats lol... Anyways do most proms allow that to happen... Like a girl wear pants to the prom? Some of my friends call me a lesbian because of my desire. But I still want to wear pants to the prom no matter what. Maybe a collored shirt with laced flares at the ends and a vest? Or something. The thing is that my mom would probably not let me go dresses like that to prom because she thinks schools don't allow that. My dad would let me but not my mom. Mom is more traditional while Dad is more open minded.(like me!) I'm pretty sure the dress code doesn't prohibits pants+girl but not conpletely sure.


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  • I can't speak about the schools dress codes but I can't see a problem with it :)
    Wear what ever your comfortable wearing. If you want to do it then do it!
    I applaud your strength cause people will probably make comments but screw the haters!!


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  • You should be able to, some girls did when I was in high school. I hope they let you because it's stupid some schools are weird about that stuff. I say do it, it's what you want and no one should try to stop you.