Looks wise, what do guys find attractive in a girl? Be specific.

I'm just wondering what guys individually find attractive.


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  • This is all superficial, so I'm talking from a physical perspective: A cute face is a must. I mean you can have a rockin body but lack the face and its all downhill... anyways, aside from the face gotta have style in clothing. I'm talkin clothes that go with your body shape/curves, skin color, hair color, etc. etc. To me this sais "this girl takes care of herself","is well kept","doesn't look like she hasn't showered in days", etc. The whole body thing (size boobs, size ass, length, etc.) is really variable because as long as a girl can work with what she's got, she's gonna rock it. but no obese or anorexic ones. oh and make up that helps the girl look better and not worse.

    Whats attractive from the inside: A good personality and a caring heart.


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  • Blue eyes

    Any hair color besides red

    Long hair strait or curly, about breast length

    A or B breasts

    Girls should be as tall as a guys shoulder

    Fully shaved including arms (most girls don't realize how hair there arms are)

    And you should where pants that are completely formed to your butt

    Healthy white skin that has seen a little sun (don't go tanning)

    Skinny but no visible ribs or cheek bones, you can have a slight belly but preferably not

    • Wooow.

      you basically just described me.

    • Well your set then if you have an attractive face. But how you look just gets the guy to approach you the what keeps him around is your personality.

  • Well, I like redheads the most but black hair or weird colors are okay too, pale skin, some freckles are cute, a nice round butt, curvy body, pouty lips, about anywhere from 5' 1" to 5' 6" and breasts aren't a huge issue just as long as I can grab something and not be suffocated.

  • The color of her hair the shape of her body the color of her eyes her height weight, Then her personality type, is she a party girl a nerdy girl a stuck up girl a homely girl or an artist or intellectual or a bitch or a bore or a gold digger or a horr. I like the intellectual artistic library type that can go out swimm hike and have a good party time as well.

  • She just has to have a cute face, I don't care about anything else I try not to be too picky.

  • definitely her smile. her face in general. I also look for girls that aren't to big :]

  • These are the type of girls I find attractive, link and link and the last link

  • Size A or B breasts. Brown, shoulder to boob length hair. Smooth skin (no hair). About 5 feet 6 inches tall.


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