What do guys look for a girl?

do guys like girls that are more outgoing than shy? and how does a girl stand out to you?


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  • I think that most guys look for a girl who compliments their personality. They are looking for someone who is relatively at the same point in there life, and have similar hobbies and enjoy time together.

    Me personally? I am more of a reserved guy so I like girls who tend to be a little more outgoing, because if we were both shy things could get difficult. Needy girls are a turn off, as are any girl who is obviously over done (to much tanning, hair dying, makeup, short skirts etc.)

    For her to stand out? There are a lot of different things that can make a girl stand out. Physical attractiveness, but not necessarily drop dead gorgeous, I prefer more of a subtle girl next door, or cute girl. A good sense of style and looking well put together and having an air of confidence is attractive and easy to pick up on as well.


What Girls Said 1

  • i've learned from experience that guys don't really dig a shy chick. But some guys are different. All the guys I'v ever talked to or dated hated that I was shy.