Dress ideas/preferences?

What you'd wear, or (if a guy) like to see?
Colour, sleeves/straps, long/short, drapey/bodycon, designs/sequins... Etc.

(last minute prom shopping lol)
Maybe I'll post pics when I narrow choices down :P


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  • given the fact that i am borderline pear, i am naturally drawn towards simple cuts such as square necks, and empire waists... i think they exuberate femininity...

    my undertone is warm, so my complexion looks even better in warmer colours such as orange, peach, coral, red (but not a fan of red), mustard, warmer shades of pink

    when it comes to sleeves, you have a lot to experiment with. i personally love those 3/4th sleeves, since it gives the illusion of volume in my shoulders. i like strapless too. go for spaghetti type straps if you feel like it!

    my advice will be to wear a good dress with classic cuts and good colour, with less bling so that you have the opportunity to wear accessories with it. if it is already heavy, wearing heavy accessories will not help you highlight your beautiful dress

    if you are feeling gutsy enough, can i interest you in a sari?
    or lehengas? strandofsilk.com/.../opulent-navy-and-turquoise-lehenga

    • that you- super helpful :)
      the first sari is my favourite- though i think i might go for something more simple this year... and im borderline pear too!

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    • Thank you for the MHO! Hope you've found the perfect dress!

    • still shopping, thanks and np :)

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