Why do all my guys friends like/flirt with me? how can I make it stop?

i mean I know I'm pretty and fun but I'm like another one of the guys. I'm the biggest tomboy with makeup on. but I feel like every guy that looks at me goes all googly eyed and its a pain in the ass where I'm in a room with guys who are all staring at me grab beer in the fridge instead of watching the game. what could I possibly do to make see me as just one of the guys

all I asked was how to keep my guy friends just that friends. like wtf do I cut my hair? wtf does that have to do w anything?


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  • Know the feeling! Stuff I do:

    1) don't get dolled up if you know you're going to see them. Look a bit rough, don't care about it, that kinda makes you one of the guys. Go for t-shirt & jeans or something that isn't what they might call 'pretty' or 'sexy' or whatever.

    2) tell them you've got a boyfriend, even if you have to make him up! That way you're at least not available to them. And f you actually do get a guy, talk about him every now and again in a good light (which you'd probably want to do anyway) and they'll see you've got your eye on someone else.

    If they still won't stop, set your big brother on them XD

    • Thank you for the real advice

      and actually all I wear is t shirts and jeans because I hate skirts shorts and dresses. all I ever do is my hair lol :)

    • Might wanna skip the hair when they're around then ;) go for general 'couldn't be bothered' kind of looks!

    • I'm not saying cut your hair, I'm saying don't make much of an effort with it. Just shove it in a ponytail or whatever.

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  • It could be a possibility that they are just treating you like one of the boys - they're comfortable enough to say that sorta stuff to you without you taking it the wrong way. Do they get quiet around girls they actually like?

  • If you were a guy, what would you do in that situation?

    "Lawl, dude, quit being gay."

    Oh wait, that wouldn't work because you're a girl :/

    Hmmm... tell them you have a boyfriend?

    • Yea I have and it only half works. some bak off when others try harder

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  • lose the extensions and hoochy makeup. you're a pretty girl, and the way you dress, you come off like someone looking to get laid. so since you're pretty, any guy would be obliged to do the honors.

  • this is bull, you love the attention. you know why guys stare at you. if you really wanted them to stop and you really wanted to be one of the guys, you'd stop wearing the clown makeup (your eye liner looks ridiculous), take out the piercings, cut your hair, and pull your top up. if you dress like you do in your picture (not the profile one) then, no sh*t guys stare at you, your boobs are hanging out.

    so as far as I can tell, you love the attention, and now you're on here to tell everyone about how you're such a babe and pretend like you don't enjoy it.

    • I agree with this. "oh poor me, I know I'm pretty but damn guys just won't stop staring at me." don't wear revealing clothes, don't attract attention to yourself. I hardly doubt every guy you know likes you.

    • True that could be what she's doing, but really, how much would you like it if everywhere you went guys just treated you like a piece of ass, even when you're not dressed up or whatever?

    • Of course every girl likes attention. but I don't want attention from my OWN guy friends. my eyeliner is all the makeup I wear and I'm fine with it I ain't askin to look like a prudish virgin here. my piercings ae my thang and my top was for a saturday night to a party. who doesn't want to dress a bit risky every once in a great while. anyways I don't tell everyone how I'm such a babe that's f***in retarded I'm a f***ing gangster from essj come on now.