I want a change. I have light ash blond hair, and I was wondering, based on my skin tone which is fair with blue undertones and green eyes, what colors would suit me? Thanks in advance


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  • Since you say you have blue skin and green eyes, the hair color most suitable to you is inarguably black. If you were to have blue eyes an argument might be rendered for red hair, as you would thus carry an air of patriotism with you (red, white and blue), and patriotism is always "in" in times of war. Brown and blue should never share the same palette unless a landscape is being approximated, and blonde, green, and blue might serve you well once a year when the pumpkins are in bloom, but all the rest of the year might needlessly cause unsuspecting children to shriek and recoil in horror at your visage. And so black has it. ; - )


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  • Jet or coal black would be perfect for you. However, your must be and forever remain straight as it is in that unfortunate black and white photo. This will make you hotter than the sun.

    • Oh, and your hair needs to be at least six inches longer than it is in that black and white photo.

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  • Definitely don't go dark. The color will look too harsh on you. Try a mid-brown or a reddish shade. Mid brown doesn't sound that glamorous, but it is fashionable right now and can look great on fair-skinned people. My friend, who was also an ash-blonde did it and it looks great.