What kinds of bridesmaid's dresses can I find for a winter wedding?

Hello I am getting married in December 2010 2 weeks hopefully before Xmas I have looked and looked for my bridesmaids dresses but all I see is all your shoulders out or arms this is a winter wedding I am a modest bride so I won't long sleeves no chest showing etc so if anybody knows any websites or ideas please please help all replies asap.

I also have another question my fiance wants to have other kinds of cake for our reception we are inviting 100 people how small or large should our wedding cake be I do not won't a lot of cake left over for us to eat our reception will be like a dinner thanks sassy 2


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  • hi-ok for the bridesmaid dresses...my cousin got married dec 15 last year and she had these beautiful red halter dresses-full length-and then the girls had white faux fur coats/little shawls over them. dresses with sleeves are ugly (not wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses). I think she got them from davids bridal.

    cake. you should get like a 3-tier cake (my cousin had it in a shape of a present) and then little cakes around, in different kinds.

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