Why are we always looking for love?

okay some Girls please explain why we're always jumping from boy to boy? I mean, don't you get sick of it? and what's the motivation... looks, personality, peer pressure? Go ahead let it ALL OUT anonymously if you need to.


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  • Alot of girls just want to feel cared about, loved and adored. But most of all most girls want to feel beautiful. A lot of girls these days don't have a high self esteem. Having a guy tell you your beautiful seems to boost a girls self esteem more than anything else. Too many girls these days depend on guys to make them feel special, when really they should already know that they are special in someway.

    On the other hand, many women (and guys) sometimes feel like they have everything in life, but love. Many people search everywhere to find love, but come up empty-handed. The key to finding love is not to look for it, but to allow it to come to you. Many people in the world just need to be patient.

    Back to your question, Why do people search for love? There are many many reasons. It truly depends on the person. Some women have a boyfriend for the popularity, others have one for the attention. But, some women have selectively picked out a guy that she truly loves and wants to be with. Not because of a social class or attention but because she truly loves him for him.

    • Yeah I wish girls would just feel good about themselves, I don't try to impress boys like I used to. I realized I'm just hurting myself more by being insecure. Guys aren't a good source for self-esteem because they can be unstable in many ways.

      Love can't be found if you're greedy about it. that's like fire and ice trying to exist together. Yeah sometimes love can be mistaken for vanity or self-centerdness. Only true self-sacrifice defines love and without God there is no love :)

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  • I think most girls do it because they want to feel like someone cares about them or to feel wanted. I don't jump from one guy to the next looking for love. Right now I just want to have fun and enjoy being young. I have been in two serious relationships but I felt tied down and like I couldn't make my own decisions. But I have seen girls who do that because they want the guy to like them and they might do anything for them and they just end up getting used so they just go to the next one not learning from their mistakes. Some girls do it because they just don't know how to hold a long term relationship or don't want one.

  • well some girls get bored of boys easy , and sometimes the guys just break up wth them so the girls go out with someone to make them jealous and id say its just a jealously thing going on xP . or it just might be that they don't like being alone . I know I hate being single because I just need to know someones there . (: help any?