How to catch a guy's eye?

Okay so I am very shy and I have self-esteem issues. I have trouble meeting guys and even more trouble showing them that I like them or that I'm interested...

So there isn't anyone in particular that I am into right now, but I need to just start putting the "feelers" out there to see how the guys respond...otherwise I'm gonna be single forever!

My do I catch a guy's eye in like one of my college classes?


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  • Put on your metal underpants. Here it comes.

    Shyness is self-absorption. And, if you're breathing, you have low self-esteem.

    What follows is not said in a critical manner. Please understand this.

    It'll be difficult, but think of what the other person might like, and do it.

    For instance, do you like to be smiled at? Yes, everyone does. It makes the other person feel special. And it's so easy to do.

    Look into people's eyes when you talk to them. They'll pick up on that real fast. Averting your eyes is a real turn-off.

    That should be good for starters.



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  • Got breasts and a vagina? Bingo, you have guy's "eyes". If you're trying to find a guy to get to know better then you should flirt/talk to guys. Give us a little opening, if we're interested you'll know it.

    Look guys in the eye you're talking to. Smile at them. Confidence is sexy as hell, if you don't have any then fake it!

    • That would be good advice....if I knew how to flirt, but I don't really know how....especially since I'm so shy. I also don't know how to randomly start talking to people in general, let alone to a guy who I find attractive.

    • I'm telling you how to flirt. Look a guy in the eye. Let him see you looking at him. Smile at him. Say "Hi!." That's really all it takes to start.

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  • pretty much the only way you can do anything to get noticed is put yourself out there

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