Girls what attracts you?

What attracts you to like a guy? what do you notice about them first?


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  • From what I have noticed, woman are attracted to the following:

    - Hygene (Take care of yourself- you don't need to overdo it, but apply some effort each day)

    - Demeanor (Don't act like a pig / jerk - be a little chivalrous, but don't be a pushover)

    - Confidence (Stand up straight, talk with authority but be respectful - their opinions matter)

    - Smile (Even if you have some-what crooked teeth, it shows you are friendly / approachable)

    - Depth (School / Work / Hobbies / Social life -- etc)

    Some other things to consider that can greatly improve your success:

    - Humor (Can you take a joke and dish one out with respect to their self-concept?)

    - Flirting (Can you get the point across that they like you and you like them?)

    - Communication (Can you discuss your wants and needs to a woman at the right moments)

    - Timing (Don't express an undying love for that person on the first date)

    - Respect (If they say no, be a little persistent- but if they mean "no" - back off.)

    I hope the information helps~



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  • okay... first off have good hygene.

    smile and be polite and humorous(even in a silly and stupid kind of way just to make her laugh)

    dont cuss around her and don't have a huge ego.

    but again most importantly smile at her over and over again. All girls, including me, love it when a guy smiles at them. it makes you seem to be easy to talk to and get to know.

    ohh and also try not to be preverted. some girls like that but usually those are the hoes. you can tell her she looks pretty or beautiful(love it) but never never hott.

    Just try to be yourself because, most of the time, when guys get nervoust they are harder to talk to and get to know. She will like you for you and if not, its their loss.

    Hope I could help :)

  • What I notice in guys is first do they smile alot? ALL WAYS SMILE! Even if you don't like your smile! Do not be an a$$hole. You need to be kind unless you want to get a $lut. Keep good higene, messy hair can be hot but smelly and dirty looking, no! You don't want to look like you just made mud pies. A humor, it's nice to be with a funny guy! You MUST know how to flirt and DON'T be shy! Just go up to her and talk to her, and if you want to ask her out then just do it already!

    • straight and to the point

    • yup. I am not going to detail thing like how to keep good hygene and don't pick your nose. those are so basic! Also be yourself! Don't change for someone. Because truth is someone will ALWAYS love you just he way you are.

    • true and thankyou

  • - A guy who can take care of himself (hygiene)

    - CONFIDENCE; I like a guy who knows what he is worth, so I do.

    - Communication is my biggest attraction, when a guy can tell me what he needs or thinks, it is a

    HUGE weight off of her, so she never have to wonder or worry.

    - Respect. Don't treat her like a possession, or treat her inferior. She's a woman, not a dog

    - Loyality. If you're going to be someone's boyfriend, don't make her feel like she has to compete

    for you. If she thinks you're worth it, she will confront you, and if she doesn't she will leave


    Of course, it differs for every girl.. we all expect different things but I think I hit key points. Hope it helps!

  • Things that catch my eye.





    I would say those are the biggest.

    Hope these helped :)

  • physically:
    Face structure (skinny face, square / oval jaw)
    Small Ears
    Light Brown/ Brown

    Takes initiative

  • Well their personality really is a big part of it. If your snotty and full of yourself, BIG turnoff. Also hygene. If you walk into a store or somthing with a bad smell or nastly looking clothes or messy hair, noway will I even look at you. I really like guys that are outgoing and nice and very friendly. Say "hi" every once I and a while, would it kill you? Also if you like to start conversation. If I am always starting the convo then I will think either one of two things: you very shy or you just don't know what to talk qbout when it comes to girls. And last but not least, how you treat girls. If you walk by and give nastly looks or are always insulting her, don't think we think you like us because that just makes us hate you more! Hope I help!

  • confidence!

    nothing drives me crazy (in a bad way) more than when a guy puts himself down and insists you don't like him!

    so confidence, humor, smile, clothes (that sounds superficial, but it's true)

  • EYES -


    Niceness to others


    • There are limits to how nice someone is until they are a pushover- just had to add that in there, but nice list =) It's good to see varying perspectives.

    • I just don't like rude people or people who judge others

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