Moles/birth marks/beauty marks

Guys: I am just wondering about girls and beauty marks. Moles. Birth marks in noticeable places. I don't have one but I see a lot of girls with them and I am wondering what ya'll think of them. When I say in noticeable places I mean like on their face. And please elaborate

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  • Well it depends on how hot they are to, because if they have a beautiful face and then if its something small ure like ok well she's hot. If they ugly and then they got all the extras then its like a train wreck. And sometimes ugly faces are caused by poor dieting and too much fast food. I mean my x had one on her face and one on her back I told her they are nasty and she laughed because I told her it don't matter I still love you. I mean if you have a emotional attachment to someone looks enhance and tend to have less effect. Now if its like a little dot, that cool and not too gross, but if they big that's nasty. Some guy came into a interview last week and there was a huge one on his arm like bigger than a half dollar coin with hair. I almost puked. But had to restrain my feelings for professional reasons. Good>?


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  • I don't think that it makes too much of a difference. If it's huge, maybe. I know a girl who has one right in between her nose and upper lip, right in the middle, and she is still one of the most beautiful girls I know.

  • I knew a girl in university who had a heart shaped mole on her left cheek. She was beautiful anyway, but this little (maybe 5mm) mole turned her into Aphrodite.


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