Why is it attractrive for a woman to scowl, but if a man shows a scowl/angry look then he is ugly?

You see it all the time with women on their Facebook page. They are always doing that frowny look but when guys do it, women think it is ugly.


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  • It's more of a weird pout than a scowl. And I personally think it's ugly, so I don't see why guys would want to do it anyway.


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  • Women don't catch up things like as guys do.

    They only want to hear what they think from their way not ours.

    Frowny look doesn't go with our cool image or any other.

    Coz we are not that much rude to accept their ugly face.


  • Because women have boobs, and when they get angry their nipples get hard. And when they start to shake and point their fingers, their boobs shake too! So that's hot!

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