Do you use gender specific deodorant? I ask because I love my bf's deodorant, and am considering buying it for myself?

I'm a woman and I've never been fond of having tropical breeze underarms.

So, I usually used a powder fresh deodorant.

However, my boyfriend has the Old Spice Timber deodorant, and it smells amazing! It smell like redwood and mint

So, I've been using it whenever I go to his place.

My bestfriend (a woman) only uses deodorant marketed for men, like Old Spice and Axe. And now I see that she was on to something.

What type of deodorant do you use

Also, do you think it's odd to use deodorant for the other gender?

  • I'm a woman and I use EITHER women's or men's deodorant
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  • I'm a man and I use EITHER women's or men's deodorant
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  • I'm a woman and I use ONLY men's deodorant
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  • I'm a man and I use ONLY men's deodorant
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  • I use only the deodorant marketed for my gender
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  • I make my own deodorant/I don't use deodorant
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Sorry about the botched poll guys, I meant to ask if there were any guys who only used women's deodorant. Still, I'm understanding all the opinions, so thank you all.


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  • Yes i will use men's / women's deodorant it makes no difference to me

  • I use both. mainly men's deodorant. But ofc girl's deodorants always seems to work better on me for some reason


  • A word of warning: The deodorants are marketed seperately because the PH (acidic) levels in sweat are different between men and women. You can go ahead and wear men's deodorant but don't expect your pits to smell like a tropical breeze by the end of the day. Your sweat will seep through and it won't smell as pleasant.

    • Haha, trust me-I don't want to smell like a tropical breeze. I don't sweat through my armpits much, so I don't need a lot. But do you know the percentage of effectiveness for wearing the wrong deodorant?

  • I have never used it. And all the women I have been with and my Mom and sisters have always recounted I good I smell. Same with my Dad. I have very little body hair as well.

  • Who the fuck wants to smell like Himalaya Spring?

    Strawberry Passion Dream forever!

  • Only men deodernt. But secret is strong enough for a man. At least thats what they say on t. v.

  • I use only men deodorant. There have been times in the past, especially when I still lived with my mom, that if I were to run out of body wash, I would end up using my moms or my sisters body wash. But I try to make sure I have my own body wash because I tend to smell a bit fruity by wearing womens body wash...


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