No eye contact, or smiles from women?

I can go through my entire day and not get any eye contact or smiles from women. I have been told that I always look very p*ssed off... Is this why?

I don't even realize my facial expressions, and I'm not p*ssed off.

I have also been told that I look "extremely unhappy"
Then when I try to update my Facebook picture, I end up having to take 20 or so pictures because I always end up looking extremely p*ssed off in them, and this is my normal pose.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I get exactly what you mean, all friends and strangers say that I always look upset. I constantly have pple asking me what's wrong when I'm perfectly happy.


What Guys Said 1

  • your not alone, I get the same facial expressions. Girls will just look at me then look down at the ground or look away fast. One of my friends told me its because I look serious all the time, which I'm not but leads to a guy that is unapproachable.

    • I know your pain... I can't do anything to change because this is just how I look when in a neutral mood. I don't even realize I look angry or upset.

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