Stupid and random question because I'm bored... what should I wear tomorrow for school?

What should I wear for school tomorrow? Lol I know there are better things to think about but right now I'm bored. Here in calgary it snowed this morning and the weather forecast is sunny, 13 C tomorrow. Crazy, I know!

  • Plaid with jeans and tank top
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  • Cardigan and tank top
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  • Thin hoodie, short sleeve underneath
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  • Thin long sleeve
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  • Other
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  • As an AK girl, I stand with you Canadian brethren and say 'You can never go wrong with plaid'. Of course, that might be my inner need to be an antisocial hermit who can never grow a mountain man beard to openly display my disdain for people and instead must fall back on the pattern print of my people.


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  • The helmet of salvation and the breast plate of righteousness.


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  • Voted A...

  • I love dresses and I advocate for wearing dresses. Why don't yo put on a nice pair of wedges and a dress :)

    • Cute! Yeah I'll consider it thanks

  • 55 degrees is chilly to me, I'd wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt and bring a jacket.

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