How go a get it to look like that?

I know this is going to seem so random and out of it but I am really being SERIOUS. Well I was just wondering you know how all those thick ass emphasis on the word ass lol well thick ass chicks on those video clips? How do I get that? Seriously? I reckon I'm medium but I wouldn't mind it to be a bit more bigger so I don"t hurt people with my bones when I sit on them lol or cut off their blood circulation some how lol. I don't want to make other people happy just myself lol I am quite intrigued by what they have I so want that seriously? Wow the powerful effect television can have I so got sucked in.

Is there like some specific exercise I got to do? Or food I got to eat?


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  • I believe you are referring to booty. Well I hate to burst your bubble - but you either nave it or ya don't. Your body is made up from your genetics. Some have flat butts, some have big buts , some have regular butts, and some have BOOTY. LOL

    Take a look at your own - see what you have. You could do all the work out in the world and never achieve a good booty.

    I am a typical white women with a bit of a butt. I ENVY the African American women who have been blessed with a back seat.

    However if you want what you see on the music videos. Don't worry about the exercise you need. TAKE UP DANCE LESSONS. Lol Learn to shake that Thang!

    Hope I helped. And your not alone - lots of us want what we see. LOL

    • Lol :') your comment made me laugh till I had a sore stomach. Lol well at least I'm not the only one who wants a "back seat" like that lol yay that makes me feel much better dam about the genetics lol well I shall check into that further didn't think about that? I was trying not to use words like ass, booty, junk in the trunk, that other word I can't spell or say? Ba-donk-a-donks lol it just sounds so dirty lol but oh well thanks for helping though :)

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  • dnt kno but! I HOPE You GET IT BACK GURL.


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  • I used to have a big booty and everyone used to call me big arse and now its just disappeared I wish I still had it! Can't get it back unfortunately :(

  • Most of it is genetics but you can build up your butt muscle. Do a lot of squats, lunges, and eat a lot of protein.