Why don't girls approach me?

I don't dress like a douche bag and I'm a great conversationalist. I don't get why girls can easily go up to a guy and start a conversation, while with me I need to be the one to initiate it.

Is it because they're not comfortable talking to someone that they don't know? Am I giving off an antisocial vibe or something?

And they don't have to approach me as in a romantic sense, even a friendship sense works too.


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  • Maybe you just don't seem interesting. If you're the guy people would most likely see as a pushover or just one of those "caring" dudes, most girls won't look at you as a romantic interest especially right off the bat. You have to be a man's man and you also have to seem intelligent. Not being totally available helps creating the mystery also. If you don't seem intriguing or entertaining then a girls not gonna waste her time especially to make the move to come talk to you.

    • Thanks for the quick response :)

      So what do you suggest I should do to get girls comfortable to approaching me? One reason I'm thinking on why they don't approach is because it feels weird to approach someone you don't know. Yours reason where I may come across as "boring" makes sense as well.

    • Honestly I can't think of why I'd approach a guy for funsies. So you'd just have to be intriguing to me, that's all. I'm not gonna just go up to a dude who seems "nice" and I'll have a nice "conversation" with. I have friends to do that with.

    • Any tips on being "interesting" from a girls perspective? A lot of guys tell me to be myself, and although while it is true..... yeah its true. Cause how long could I keep up a fake attitude that she finds "fun"? Not for long of course. But yes any tips other then the cliche "be yourself" that will work?

  • either you don't seem physically/style wise appealing or you're so hot you're intimidating.

    • I admit I'm not the best looking guy out there. But that can't surely be the reason why. I've seen guys who look Average/Below average and still have girls talk to them.

      Btw to those who are wondering, I'm talking about 11th grade girls. Not 18-24 girls.

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