How to change her lame style?

How can I make my girlfriend go from normal, lame, like everybody else's style to:


And I mean everything hair, clothes and the whole style in general.

And please don't answer "well if you really love her...blah blah blah." No! I love her and she's hot but she dresses lame. But I haven't told her because I don't want to hurt her feelings.


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  • like go shopping with her every now and then.

    when you see something that might look good actually tell her about it.

    ask her to try it on just for you. I'm sure she would do anything to please you.

    the whole changing her hair well. . . girls ARE picky about that.

    maybe you should not go there.

    • Last time I took her to Hot Topic/Spencers I told her I would buy her anything from the store. That she didn't had to care about the price.

      And she chose some lame $10 earings, She said nothing from the store exited her.

      And we moved to the next store. Were she bought like 2 pair of jeans and like 3 pink shirts : (

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    • My bad, totally forgot you were a dude.

      well could possibly have a heart to heart but there's always a risk of having a back lash.

      but hey at least you gave it your best you know.

      i mean it is just some clothes anyways. try to focus on other things maybe.

    • Well yeah you're right. thank you very much for your answers =]

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  • it seems to me that you two have different tastes. apparently she likes the clothes she wears and isn't really into that goth scene look. there's not much you can do about it; she is who she is.

    • Yeah, but she likes how I dress in skinny jeans and dark colors always, people say we make a good couple of opposites. It's just that I don't really like her way of dressing. But I'm not planning on telling her, cause she may get upset.

  • You don't want her to dress like "everybody else" but you want her to dress just like the chick in the picture? Okay, that way she can follow some other crowd, except it won't be the one she wants to be in. You want her to change her style for the sole purpose of pleasing you even though it's not what she likes--that's pretty selfish. You either need to accept her the way she is and drop the fashion issue, or find another girl.

    • Yeah I know, I sound selfish. That's why I've never told her that I don't like her way of dressing. And I'm still with her cause I love her. But I was just wondering if there was a way of maybe asking her to change it for me. I wanted to know what you girls would do, if your boyfriends asked you.

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    • If you love her, I think you would be better off letting it go. Her clothes don't define her or your relationship. You really don't want that to end up being the thing that splits the two of you up.

    • Okay I think I've understood, Thank you very much for answering and for your advise =]

  • Um...that is pretty ugly in my opinion. I could understand if she had like 0 style and you wanted to upgrade her to normal or like everyone else. That hottopic stuff is very specific to a certain type of person. Meaning if she doesn't already dress like that its probably because she doesn't like it.

    If the gothic style is so much of an issue for you, why didn't you start dating a gothic girl from the beginning? It would have made a lot more sense and you wouldn't even have this issue. I know you said you love your girlfriend but you didn't fall in love with her overnight, you knew she was "normal" when you met her.

    Go shopping with her and suggest some stuff that you find appealing. I hope you have $$ because if you want her to wear it that bad enough you are gonna have to pay for it. If my boyfriend wanted me to change my style I would expect him to buy the clothes. If she does not want to change her style and wear what you suggest then you have to respect that and drop the issue.

    • Yeah actually this is the first time I ever metion that I don't like her style, and I've never told her that. but I do love her and, just going to drop the issue. Well I didn't started dating a goth girl because when I met her it was back in highschool and I didn't know many goth girl, but I got in love with her. and never thought we were going to last. I just wanted some advise but I am going to drop the issue. Thanks.

  • not a change in hell she's gonna go from normal/lame to red hair... haha you love the wrong girl.

    But here's what you can do... talk to her about styles you like... if you see a shirt when you pass by a window in the mall, say "oh that's a nice shirt! Bet you'd look great in it... wanna try it on? for me..." *cue puppy eyes* if she laughs it off, there is no way... but if she agrees, well you're in the right direction. Just gently suggest things you like... maybe she'll come along a bit, but she probably won't have an overall style change all that quickly. Style is who you are. You gotta respect that.

    • I actually have tried that. haha

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    • So once in a while it's okay. Thank you very much.

    • You're welcome...

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  • your only option -- and I mean _only_ option that avoids being a manipulative jerk -- is to suggest clothing changes to her once.



    that's it. say it once, casually, then drop it. "I think you'd look good in that shirt."

    then never mention it again. NEVER.

    unless she asks. even then, still be casual about it. "I just thought it'd be flattering." then drop it.

    she may not want to change. but if she _does_, your saying it only once will plant a seed. whether or not the seed sprouts is another question. but no seed ever sprouted when someone was nagging it to grow...

    • Thanks I really appreciate your advice. Thanks.

  • How? Get a new girlfriend. If you don't like her "normal" style then you're going to need to find someone that already has this type of style. There's nothing you can do or say to convince your current girlfriend otherwise.

  • You want her to go goth?

    • Yeah or something close.

  • she won't change.