Ladies: How do I look? Any advice for me with getting a girl in the future?

Just curious...

I get a few compliments here and there from older women, but none really my age, so I don't know what to think really... I personally haven't felt too great about my looks in the past, but I've slimmed down over the last year or so. My pic is under my profile info, but it was taken with my webcam which isn't the greatest and it was a little dark.

I've not ever had a Girlfriend before, so I don't know if I look the part or if I need to work on my approach or something... I only have the best intentions with girls but once I start showing interest and they can feel me coming onto them, they start to shy away, it seems. I'm not out for sex, just a quality, mature relationship. I wouldn't expect a girl to ask me to have sex in our relationship and I would NEVER pressure her for it. I'm all for waiting personally.

I had a lot of friends a lot were popular a lot we're so popular but I'm accepting of everybody and treat everyone with respect.

Ladies: How do I look at least, and is there something I could do to have better success with girls?



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  • You look like a normal guy - it's kind of hard to tell in that picture (a bit dark)


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  • I had to really squint to make out your pic. But, you seem like an attractive guy.

    I think the things that will attract girls to you are what you listed in the thread. You have good attributes and are very respectful. MAJOR points in my book.

  • you look okay. can't really tell the picture is kinda dark. maybe get a better haircut? but your physical looks are normal and your other qualities will boost your appeal up

    • Haircut as in shorter? I mean my hair is kinda short, but you mean like I should it buzzed? I used to have my hair grown out longer, and it starts to kinda curl naturally at a certain length... My hair tends to get really thick tho.

      plus I was obviously jammin' to some music, so you can't exactly see my hair totally... lol!

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