Do you recommend Brazilian hair treatments aka keratinization?

I have long, wavy hair and I really want it to be straight. I hate that a slight drizzle can make my hair go from sleek to poofy. This is more of a problem in the summer when it gets to be hot and humid.

I've read up on this a bit and there seem to be an equal number of pros and cons about it... I do have sensitive skin so this is a concern for me, but I really, really, REALLY want straight hair, at least for the next few months. The treatment only lasts for like 3 months anyways. I'm scared about the possibility of hair loss, inhalation of noxious fumes, etc. I'm willing to spend max 200$ on this treatment, and I think that's enough to get someone who knows what they're doing to do it.

Just fyi, my hair has not been dyed artifically before and I haven't used a straightener in over a year, my hair is relatively healthy from what I can tell.

So... if you guys have any thoughts, advice, or personal experiences- please share!


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  • i wouldn't recommend it. i haven't tried it but i think it's best not to do that to ur hair. to think of exactly what goes into changing the dynamics of ur hair is frightening. that something could so strongly defy ur natural beauty.
    so i get that ur hair is healthy, but dont ruin that. it could take ages to recover. to keep ur hair tameable, use oils and try not to leave ur hair out for too long. buns and braids are good ideas.

    anyway ur call, just my 2 cents =]

    • the issue is i like to leave my hair down lol. i guess that makes it more prone to getting unsleek or whatever. what kind of products do you recommend? i should probably get a better straightener too. i really don't want to heat-damage my hair.

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    • thanks! glad to help =]
      if u need anything else later let me know.

    • awesome thanks! :]

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  • Noooooo don't do it lol. I got a keratin treatment years ago and now I can't even make it wavey. If you're cool with permanent straight hair then yeah but otherwise I'd say stick to a flat iron

    • did you get japanese hair straightening or brazilian? i know japanese is permanent, but brazilian isn't supposed to be...

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    • Did your hair look shinier healthier after treatment?

    • Yeah it did but it sucks because it's always straight now

  • I think you are better off with the straightener.

  • I have tried it before, it helps with hair loss and hair growth. It keeps the hair nicely straight and healthy, but don't expect a miracle if you ever plan to do it, lol. My overall review of the keratin treatment is pretty good, so yeah go for it. Once you do it, your hairdresser will give you a shampoo and you're supposed to only you use that shampoo, otherwise the keratin results will fade.

    • how long did yours last and how much did you pay? everyone else is saying no so i'm confused out of my mind lol

    • Mine lasted 1-2 months, I think. I payed $150. There are places where it costs $80, which is a good deal.

  • Have you thought about getting a straight perm? :) it stays about 6 months max :D

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