I want to know if I am an attractive guy?

If you have read some of my previous questions you would know that I am in a confused place. If you would look at my profile and read it. I would like to know Am I an attractive guy. Too mushy, just not attractive?. I try and keep in shape but I also have to up dress during the day for my career.

I am not afraid of a bad answer. I can learn from them as well as a good answer. So if you would just take minute out of your day you would be giving another human some help on this rock that rolls: around the sun



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  • If you're so needy that you need others to confirm if you're attractive, then you're not BEING attractive. Being physically attractive has far less baring on how a woman FEELS about you then you might suspect. Women simply aren't as superficial as most guys.

    Learn about attraction (Google it, or read my blog) and you'll discover that attraction isn't a choice. Women will FEEL attraction based on who you're BEING, not what you're saying, or simply how you look.

    This means NOT being needy, NOT seeking approval, and NOT basing your life direction on the good opinions of others. Learn to rely on yourself, build your confidence, and stop caring what everyone else thinks so much. Then you'll be headed in the right direction!

    Good luck!

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( link )

    • Thanks man, I needed a guy to kick me in the ass. I have moved away from most of my guy friends. I don't get that guy point of view. That kick, I needed it

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  • I like your 'geeky' clothes! :)

    I would say that you are an attractive man

  • the pictures are kinda far away but you look pretty good. I'm 21 and I think you're attractive. you look better without the shirt than in the "nerdy" clothes though lol

    just wanted to say to the guys that answered: confidence is good but a good looking guy that's confident is so much better! just like you guys appreciate eye candy, so do we

    • Thanks for the feed back, and as these days fo sadness wane. I will put my confidence at the top of the list. Thanks sweetie

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  • If you were a chick I'd do you.

    Seriously - it is a confidence thing whether you attract women.