An Open Letter to all girls who get jealous?

So I have had a bad case of wandering eyes and sometimes ill check out other girls when I'm with my gf, she never gets too upset but I think sometimes it bothers here so I wrote a poem (well poem-like thing) and e-mailed it to her, I hope she likes it, I know its corny but whatever :

I'm only human and I know it bothers you to see my eyes wander but there's something you have got to understand about the girl I'm looking at.

She may be eye candy, she may be more this, more that, but don't worry, she just simply isn't YOU.

It isn’t her who returns my texts at 1 am when I can't sleep,

She wouldn’t understand the joy of just looking up at the stars on a summer night.

She probably chuckles only when its fashionable,

You and me will burst out laughing in front of a crowd.

She would throw my mix tapes away,

You sang to songs you hated in my car.

She would probably be afraid to eat in front of me,

You'd let me lick food off your cheek.

She would probably expect diamonds…

You still can’t get over the fact that I gave you my class ring

Sometimes you just let me stare in your eyes, without saying a word.

She would ask what my deal was.

So don’t worry if she gets my eyes for a moment,

You have my heart as long as you want it.


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  • aww! cute

    • Really? as you can see I got a negative comment earlier, I wish I had more feedback, esp from the female side of the aisle.

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  • This is an okay poem. I would deduct you points on calling another girl"eye candy". That's rude to me. I do understand that ur trying to make her feel better but I agree with yellowbrick.

    • O yea, I see what you mean. I really emant eye candy in the sense that I view wpuld view, I wasn't at all trying objectify another girl. Its like when you see some1 you don't kno on the street you might say "that person means nothing to me" beacuse you have no attachment to them, however that statement makes no claim that the person being observed is by any means worthless. I guess it was a poor choice of words. not really what I wanted to convey.

  • No, it is veryveryvery cute and wonderful and great. BUT if you really loved her or liked her so much, STOP LOOKING AT OTHER GIRLS, its simple, and it ISNT HARD. that would make her more happy than this poem.

    • I kno, trust me its an awful habit I'm workin on it, I just want to assure her that is not a mjor threat to our relationship, she apparently liked it and seemed a lot more at ease, I promised her ill try to stop.

    • I agree with yellow brick.It isn't hard unles you make it be. my boyfriend was jealous and asked to stop. only took me a month. maybe 2.

      and if she is as great as you say she is in the poem why do you want to look at a girl you already know is not gonna like you or ever love you (as ur describing) and treat you like dirt, when you can make the one who truly loves you feel good. she's the one that matters so go all the way.

      that was my inspiration for my bf, I love him and don't want hurt him in any way, so I didnt.

  • yeah it really is good. don't listen to that guy below.


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  • Hey, you should have submitted this as an article, and not a question. If you do, I'll rate it.

  • That is really sweet, I wish every girl could read it.

  • yeah, it's pretty lame

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