In addition to another question: how to do you text a girl?

how do you keep the convo going, interesting and flirty. Cause i can't seem to make any good lines via text and end up overthinking it all...


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  • Don't overthink it, and don't make it like an interview. Keep it light and joking.


    You "So where do you work?"
    Her "Target."
    You "Hmm. So how long you been working there?"


    "You look like a private eye, def. Got any exciting cases lately?"
    "Oh, working a murder case now lol"

    • and sex subjects than?

    • Don't leap straight into it, build a little comfort first. But it's not hard to turn a conversation to sex, and doing so teasingly.
      Possible lines,

      "Aww, so sweet. I bet you're even still a virgin haha"

      "Clearly, you're all attitude and 50 shades of grey kink, huh"

      like that.

    • well she started flirting with IRL :p

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  • Ask questions. Bounce tactfully from flirty to serious so she feels you like her but more than that, that you want to know about her. Sometimes you have to give answers to your own questions as well if she doesn't reciprocate. It's a fine line and difficult to not feel like you're bugging them. Keep trying though, eventually you'll relax and it'll come naturally.

    • y cause the guys say to get a date from her, but i see my friends using it as some form of flirting aswel, and thats the part i can't handle. They tell me to slime and kiss her feet so you win her over

    • Well the result can be whatever you want. If you want to just get a date then aim for that, but if you can't always speak to her in real life or don't want to talk over the phone then that's what I would do; ask her questions, be sincere, you can be flirty in doing so but don't jump straight into sex talk. Otherwise she may feel you don't really want to know about her as a person, but that you want to know about just her body. Lol as for the slime- you can do that, every one likes flattery, just make sure it's sincere flattery. But this is all if you want more of a relationship, not just sex.

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  • Just don't overthink it. Say whatever comes to mind first. You can always apologise afterwards should that be necessary.

  • If you text a girl make sure there's a purpose like taking her out or visiting her if not don't even bother...

  • Remember that the end goal of a texting flirtation, is to get a date. Whatever you text her, make sure that it eventually ends up in a date. DO NOT have conversations over text. Don't do it

    • ok ill think about that

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    • Unless you both are very good at communicating lol

    • Just keep it light and fun. That's what she's looking for

  • Wow just don't even try then...

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