Laid back guy...impossible to decode.

OK so there's this guy that I have recently fallen for. short story; he's beautiful and has a lot of girls chasing after him, but doesn't go after them in return. we have a class together and we talk a lot-about our musical interests, friends,life in general and I always seem to make him laugh but I try not to act interested so I'm not like "those other girls" . its great that we have the same friends so we hang out outside of school too. but I need more than that. for a guy who is so laid back & doesn't put out, I can't read his mind or feelings...what sign do guys give to seem interested?


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  • Being Laid back He will just stare at you and always look away right when you turn to look at him, you should be able to catch him, he will also go out of his way to converse with you but that's probably it so its going to be very hard to tell, but my suggestion is go for it I've never changed how I've acted with some one after they ask me out and I said no.


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