When you shave you special areas, do you do it based on look or feel?

This is primarily for girls. How often do you shave you underarms and private parts and even your legs? Is it when you feel with your hand that you are not smooth or when it becomes very visible? I believe in the case of feeling with hands, you have to shave more often, no?


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  • I feel with hands.

    • Awesome. That means what matters to you more is real smoothness. Right?

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  • I do it based on how it feels with my hands. So I shave every couple of days. Sometimes I wax which lasts longer. Nobody likes that prickly feeling.

    • 2 out of 2. I was hoping to hear this.

  • If nothing is happening I can go weeks.

    • "Nothing is happening"? You mean you hair just suddenly decide to not show any growth? Wow !! That's amazing!!!

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    • I feel great.

    • Fair enough.

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