What does this bowtie go good with?

I have to go to my sisters wedding on Saturday and i wanted to wear this bowtie

https://www dotthetiebar.com/product/b1121

with a white shirt and grey pants. my sisters colors are champagne and coral so i kinda want to match that, is this a good outfit, or would the bowtie go better with something else? or do you have a better suggestion for an outfit. Any help is appreciate, thanks.

the website is www. but i didn't have the xper to be able to put a link, so if you could just replace the word dot with a period you'll see the bowtie i want.


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  • Your own suggestion sounds alright to me.
    Yet, to be honest I don't like the bowtie.


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  • The link didn't work

    • you have to change the "dot" to a "." and get rid of the spaces. He doesn't have enough Xper to attach links.

    • Ya maybe a blue and white striped shirt