Looks matter but how much?

i keep getting dumped for hotter girls. OR the guys uses me for money what am I doing wrong?!


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  • i have seen your other question and I think I have an idea of why. don't take this the wrong way but I think you attract guys like this because of your behavior. you seem like a sweet girl but I think you are a little too nice to guys in the beginning. its a good thing to be considerate and want to make your partner happy, but do you think you are doing too much before you even know the guy? when you put a lot of effort in a relationship and go out of your way to make a guy happy in the beginning a guy can sense this and some unscrupulous guys that use girls and are prone to take advantage may use this to his benefit. stop giving out your money to boys, if a guy relies on you for money he has no business dating you before he gets his stuff together anyway. you don't have to go overboard to prove your worth to a guy. you are very pretty, seem smart and nice..a guy that is deserving of you will just be happy to be in your company most of the time. try getting to know the guy and being more observant before you start doing a lot of favors and catering to him.


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  • well it depends on the guy itself

    and I how mature he is and how shallow he is

    for me personally

    looks matter obv (I think that looks go for everyone; I mean who doenst want a nice looking partner?)

    but they defenitely are not number one in my book they are more down the line

    for me personality is number one then I get even more into them if I think they are pretty

    and I think pretty much all girls are pretty because its their personality that shows who they really are and that decides if they are pretty or ugly

    i mean make-up can cover up some blemishes but not for long

    and what princess said is true too

    dont try to hard - major turn-off

    cause if you do this to the wrong guy

    the guy will just use you and keep this going until you see he is using you

    good luck =)

  • Hey,

    I think when your start in a relationship looks are the first thing... But after a bit I see or others see looks the last thing. You get to know the person and there personality a love them who they are not wht they look like... The inner them, you enjoy the time with them and love doing things with them. People are very shallow sometimes, do not let it knock your confidence you are who you are, someone will see the inner you and will fall in love for who you are.



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  • maybe you are focusing too much on looks.

    like making yourself look good for guys.

    maybe try finding a guy you like, and wearing sweatpants and no make-up. and don't sleep with him too early on. maybe then he will learn to appreciate the real you. :)

  • I say "Don't change for anyone"...a guy that doesn't like the real you, doesn't deserve you.

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