A "liking" problem...

A boy that likes me is sweet, nice, smart...and he stares at me almost all the time. And when he's not, his friend is... I guess to see who I'm talking to, or what I'm doing.

I think I like him as well, but I'm not yet sure, and I am one of those people who even when they like someone they won't look at them so much, mostly because it makes them (me in this case) a bit uncomfortable..especially when I don't have any of my friends there beside me.

My question here is does he think I don't want to get to know him because I don't look at him as much as he looks at me?

Today, I just looked at him once, and it was purely by accident. I doubt he even saw it.

So...would he think he should give up or keep trying...?

I guess it depends on how much he likes me also?


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  • Make up your mind and make it clear to him. As things stand now, he'll feel like you don't like him and you'll lose your chance. Just strike an actual conversation with him so that rather than stare at you he's talking to you. You'll also be able to make sure he likes you by how receptive he is to you. But it seems to me like he absolutely does.

    • Well..he has been striking up conversations with me for a while now.

      We're not complete strangers, we do talk sometimes, but he always "leads" the conversation back to the theme of me as suppose to the school work or sth.

      I would have assumed that if he wanted to get to know me, he'd ask me out...

      And, even though we sometimes talk for a short while, he still stares at me...

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    • Yep, I guess he showed up there because my friend kept talking about our planned outing in front of him several times, so she'd make sure he got it, so if he's interested in me, he'd certainly come...and he did.

      It was crowded, but the club is not big, it can even more closely be described as small than medium. I just don't get it...he seemed a bit drunk, and I know I was a little tipsy myself. xD

      It's a shame we didn't have a chance to talk. If he went there to see me (and I'm pretty sure he

    • Did, because he doesn't like the band that played there that night...) then that would mean that he likes me, but why would he come and then not try to spend some time with me...?

      That's my dilemma.

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  • Critical: how much do you like him? First, find that out.

    You two have different ways of showing attention.

    If the staring makes you uncomfortable, then you can (and should) kill it ASAP.

    Guys don't play relational chess like girls do. They're more the checkers type.


  • You don't know anything yet, just go up to him and say "Hey, can I talk to you for a second?", pull him aside, "Do you want to hang out at "location" sometime?", and be genuine, if they think your kidding with them they will try to laugh and back off defending themselves, but if they know your for real, they will just say sure. :)


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  • you gotta look, its one of the first signs that the feeling is mutual and you van start flirting so I say if you like this guy look at him

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