What is a good match for this guy?

He is smart. Very popular and sporty too. He knows all the kids from 4-5 classes below.. and he is friends with the coolest kids. He is pretty much, this quiet, moody guy, with not that good a sense of humor, and he rarely laughs out loud as well. HE doesn't like those showoff types of guys. He is not much of a show-off too.. He has very little patience and can hardly stand getting teased.. He is very bad-tempered. He gets angry quick too, after taking a bit, and he gets pretty aggressive. He is not a flirt, though he knows that half the girls in the school has crushes on him. He is pretty lucky, he avoids trouble like nothing. And he managed to choose the right thing. HE can't give speeches.

Looks:- He has dark black curly overlong cute hair. He styles it great too. He has dark clear big eyes and a long-canined gorgeous smile. Just like Taylor Lautner

He has the attitude of Chad Michael Murray in Cinderella Story as Austin Ames.

He has a cool walk

He is tall.. Very tall. With reddish brown skin(we are asians). And he is rather thin. Lanky build. Athletic build. Not too broad, but medium. He has a great fashion sense.

I don't know about my describing abilities.. but he is gorgeous!*sigh* XD

So, what kind of girl would match him? I was thinking maybe she would be plump, chubby, loud, clumsy, sweet rather than gorgeous, friendly, loyal, romantic, loud, not too shy towards guys, and maybe someone afraid of heights.. someone who could calm him in his anger.. and though quick tempered herself, is soo sweet he can't help but smile! ;) And maybe a funny.. more towards the comforting type of girl.. who laughs out loud... and maybe be someone he can talk too...

Lol. I don't know... but what do ya think? If my girl is not good for this guy, please describe what would be good for him... Thanks, appreciate the help!:)


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  • I leaning toward's someone opposite to him in some personality traits. I can see some things similar to myself. I can get angry and frustrated easily. My girlfriend is really calm however, so when I'm upset she stands by me. It balances out. :)


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  • I suspect YOU want to be "a good match" for him.

    What kind of girl would be good for him if he looked the same, and he was still:


    -very popular


    -knew all the kids from 4-5 classes below

    -didn't like those showoff

    -friends with the coolest kids.

    -managed to choose the right thing


    ...he was outgoing, laid back with the personality of Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien, had lots of patience, like teasing / getting teased, flirted a lot, was slow to anger, etc., etc..

    Would you still want to be his match? Are you drawn to his moodiness, or would you rather he be less moody? Would you like him more or less?

  • He needs a skinny bitch that is also not patient but chooses to stay with him anyway, just my experience though.


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  • He needs someone opposite from him.

    Or Bella from Twilight haha, cause if you can catch a vampire, you can catch a cool guy.

    I mean, it all depends, what types of girls does he show interest in? That would probably be your best basis for finding out what kind of girl he'd match best with.

  • i hope that you don't mind the link but this is the first thing I thought of


    someone like that