What is the difference between a size 0 and a size 5?

I am 16, I weigh 103 pounds, and I am 5'1.5". I am a size 5 in jeans and one of my friends is a size 0. To me we look the same size. She is 5'3" but we still look the same size. Can someone show me the difference (preferably in pictures) of a size 0 compared to a size 4 or 5? Thanks


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  • I have no idea. About the US sizes...


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  • size 0's da smallest.. no?

    • No I think 000 is the smallest

  • No hip or tail bone.

  • Well different brands have size 0 that is really a size 6

    • We were both wearing the same brand at the time I noticed, our legs look about the same thickness but she has size 0 jeans and I wore size 5

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  • i dont think there's really like a huge difference. size 0 girls tend to be very very skinny, almost scrawny and have small bones. i'm a size 3 and i'm pretty petite, but i'm not scrawny. i'd say a size 0 is VERY thin and small, and a size 4-5 is just small.

    one of you probably has a bigger ass too lol. even though you look the same, there is still some small differences that make it not the same size.
    this is probably a 0
    where as this is probably a 4-5

    also look at this

  • I think there's quite a big difference, but keep in mind that bodies are "weird" and can be so different.
    When I was 14 I was about 102lbs and wore a size 5. I looked/was smaller than all of my friends yet they were sizes 1 or 0's.
    They were smaller sizes than me yet looked a bit chubby (They were 5'1).
    I'm 5'3 and have been since I was 12.
    Senior year none of my pants fit. I gained weight (I was 120lbs), yet I became a size 3.
    I'm in college now and am a size 1 and 2 and now I'm 114.
    Size 5's and 4's are HUGE on me now.
    Size 3's are quite big also.
    But yeah, that dolphiny person pretty much showed it.

  • It depends on the brand of clothing it's not always the actual size.