How do you bind your chest to make it look smaller?

Im trying to learn how to bind my chest to make it look smaller. I'm a 32DDD and am trying to bind it so that it looks like a C or an B. so if you have any suggestions please answer?


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  • this is what mulan did :[

    • Yeah and she's super awesome

    • are you a warrior who wants to defend her family's honor?

    • No just a woman with a large chest who wants it to look smaller

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  • Binding you chest is a dangerous think that can cause health issues. You need a reduction if you want smaller boobs that badly.

    • I can't afford a reduction right now but I'm working for one

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    • I don't really mind pain, so that's not a problem. But I just want anything that will make my chest appear smaller

    • You'll mind the pain if you do it a lot. I do it for crosplay when going to a convention or if I'm playing a flat chested character and it hurts like hell for me even though I'm a small C. If you do it often the pain will be killer on you.

  • I'm a 28 E and I've done it for a costume one time... I just used tensor bandages but it was awfully uncomfortable.

  • There are wraps made just for that.