Can you help me with cosplay websites?

I'm researching for cosplay tutorials, can anyone help me with links or videos as to be a guide of being a cosplayer, from videos of starting to the most advanced, it can also be step by step instructions, i need to be ready by October 10th so i have roughly 4 and a half months to get my cosplay ready

Thanks in advance for all the help :)


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  • So by Naruto's birthday :)
    Cosplay. com is a great site lol I need to update my costumes on there, what costume you trying to make?

    • I'm thinking of either Feli or Witch from the Puyo Puyo Series -

    • Hmm okay that shouldn't be too hard check for help from people who have displayed Lux from League of Legends or Dark Magician Girl I think that's your best bet, you thinking of using Worbla or craft foam? Regardless ibthink your challenging part will be the paint application

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  • Check out the channel "All that's cosplay" on youtube. Good luck :)

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