Are stretch marks a turnoff?

I have stretchmarks on the sides of my hips and my butt.

It is definately not due to myself being overweight. But will guys be disgusted by this?

I am 5'5, athletic, where size 6 jeans and dresses, said to have a great personality and an attractive face, and I'm smart. So would the additional knowledge that I have stretchmarks on my ass inspire you not to date me?


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  • Being perfectly honest, I don't find them attractive, but that wouldn't stop me from dating someone with them. There's much more to a person than just their looks and if the connection is right people can overlook stuff like that. Of course if it's completely superficial perhaps they can't, but I don't think that's what you're going for.


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  • In my experience, most guys are so happy and excited to see you naked that they don't really notice or care about all the little things that we can obsess over. If you're attractive overall, love (& lust) will make him blind to the little stuff.