Can bigger women be attractive? If they are pretty in the face .. and they have a curve ?

what if the women is jest a little bigger but they are sweet and pretty and they have a great personallity ? Guys plz give your honest opinion . Thank you for all answers weight between 180 and 230 ibs.


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  • Have you watched america's next top model? check out all the plus size models that have contested, they are gorgeous

  • Every guy has different tastes. Some men specifically are attracted to big women. Some men do not like big women at all. Some men are attracted to women they find beautiful and size isn't a factor. Some men may not like big women as a whole but may like one if she stands out to him. It all depends.

    I am 205 pounds and I have a good personality and a cute face. I have had guys find me attractive and like me. It depends on how you carry yourself. If it's one of those sloppy big girls that doesn't dress right and has no confidence and doesn't groom herself - no she will not be attractive to too many guys. But if you're not you can attract guys. But honestly before I gained the weight I did attract more guys...I think the bigger you get the less guys you attract but 180-230 isn't that huge.