Wedding 50s hair style asap! Help?

Okay, I need advise asap!!!

I'm going to a wedding on Wednesday, I have this dress & will be having curly hair. My hair is now pretty much down to my bum too!
I have these hair grips too - 4 of them. They're quite small!

I also have this band thing... Obviously not a baby one, but its the only one I could find that had dots as small as mine!!!

I need a hair style that's kinda 50s? If not 50s, just anything that'll go with the grips! I just really don't know what to do with my hair other than curl it!! Please help!!

Dress -…/mary-ellen-frolicsome-rock-n-ro…

Grips -…/Vintage-Rose-Flower-B…/261048443434…

Band -…/GREEN-AND-WHITE-SPOTS…/191574149941…


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  • Go for a Bettie Page look. From your profile pic, it looks like you can pull it off.

  • whoa... y 50s?

    any particular reason?


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  • just put it up!

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