Help!! Hair styling men advice/tips wanted?

My hair is absolutely pants! Lol
It's thin on top showing scalp with receading temples.
My current style is short sides 1-2cm with 4-5cm on top.
Right now all I use is a hair volumizing powder and work it in to shape with a short quiff.
But it just looks dry and puffy lol. Which takes the further piss when a ghost of wind knocks into my hair just blowing it all over the place screwing the style up and exposing my hairline!!
I'm afraid to use hair gels or waxes because they tend to make hair oily with too much shine which in this case will flatten my hair to reveal my thin crown and scalp.

I sometimes feel like shit because hair to a guy is the most important fashion and style element, and if I can't make that right.. I feel like I should just give up making any effort to my image at all sometimes!

Tips appreciated.


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  • basically a pic could help... so we can make suggestions


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  • find another one!


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  • How thin is it?
    Just cut it really short or shave it.

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