How to look perfect and gorgeous?

You know those girls that walk in a room and get everyone's attention? the ones that all the guys want to date and all the girls wish they could look like? How do they get like that? What beauty tips can you give me so I can have that effect? I'm tired of being plain and ugly I want to improve myself so what can I do? *workout tips, beauty tips, makeup advice etc*

(if you say anything about "looks don't matter" "personality is what counts" and "everyone is beautiful" I will give you a thumbs down)


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  • Well, I'm a lot older than you and when I was younger, I was definitely a plain Jane. I didn't have a clue how to make myself look good. I will not say I am gorgeous even now, but I do get men's attention because I have learned to take better care of myself. Here are some tips:

    1) Exercise - not just aerobics but light weight machines (makes a huge difference!) about 2-3 times a week and you only need to do 10 repititions on each machine, very slowly. About 30-40 min total.

    2) Watch what you eat - You can't always be good, but in general, try to eat healthy. Keep your calories intake down (but don't starve yourself). Eat good things like yogurt, fruit, etc

    3) Hair/MakeUp-Go to a GOOD salon and spend the money to have them do your hair...add highlights or color...they can give you advice. Have someone do your make up and tell you HOW they did it so you can do it yourself. Its expensive to have your make up done but worth the money to do at least once. Get your hair done more often--again, worth the money.

    4) Clothes-Sit in the mall someday and just watch the women walk by and see how they dress. Which ones catch your eye? Write down ideas of outfits you like. Look at beauty magazines too. This helped me a lot on how to do my hair and look at clothes. Also, your hairdresser can teach you how to do your hair in different styles -- ask them to explain the steps to you.

    Also, don't be afraid to ask a girl you see who has a nice haircut, hairdo or clothes, where to go to get the same thing. Most would be flattered.

    I am guessing you will get more beautiful with age. Part of it is looking for the information -- which is what you are doing. Good Luck.


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  • Being perfect is a stereotype that should be avoided- we all have flaws and should embrace those. Being goregeous? Put in some effort =)

    1) Put an effort into your appearance (it makes you physically more attractive)

    2) Laugh and smile in most of the things you do (too much=your fake; too little=your not attractive)

    3) Be busy (School + work + social life + career planning + house + pets +...)

    4) Be mysterious and confident (hard to accomplish; it takes practice ^_^)

    5) Be completely comfortable in your own skin

    Other things that may help along the path to your desire:

    - Be outgoing and proactive

    - Be spontaneous

    - Try to change your closet frequently (new clothes at least every 3-6 months)

    - Maintain yourself (Hygene)

    - Be socially known and appreciated

    - Be approachable

    The key is to make yourself known and desired; however, slightly achievable (not open to date immediately) - this will create a desire in other men for trying to achieve dating you as a goal. When they achieve that, you must help keep the relationship interesting by offering something new each day.

    P.s. YES okay - these people are driving me crazy, having great looks "can be genetic"; however, in most scenarios you must apply effort to be considered "gorgeous" even if you have those great genes. So therefor, please stop stereotyping and saying "oh, it's unachievable to be one of them- they just get lucky".

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years and where do you want to be?

    Best regards,


  • I'll tell you the secret to captivating men or just about anyone in a room. Smiling, and confidence with your body. If you feel that you have too many imperfections, it shows. If you were to be happy with what you have, and learn to love your body, then that also shows. Think about that for a minute, and I hope you understand what I mean. :)

  • I think it's almost on a deep karmic level. Some girls just have a natural charm about them that turns a guy's head no matter where she goes, what she wears or what she does. You can't simulate it. You either have the talent or you don't.

  • Fresh air and clean food and healthy relationships. Keep that up for long enough and you will be having incredible orgasms sooner or later.


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  • Do you think those girls all have perfect happy lives or something? You think looking like them, getting attention all the time will make you happy? You can give me a thumbs down I don't care but it's sad if that's what you need to feel good about yourself. And I agree with the others, smile and be confident-it really shows through. Just think if you achieve this, then why guys are interested in you, won't you think they only want you for sex because of how you look? They won't be after you for your personality. The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

    • Guys aren't exactly interested in me for my personality now either

  • I'm not going to tell you all you need is confidence, because you could have it and still look like shh but you look better by having confidence, ok my point is, just do your hair up every time you go out, like keep it in a cute hairstyle, all the time. Guys like wavy hair sometimes, or do highlights, smell good, like use perfumes, I prefer vanilla or something fruity, and mine is always strong, but not like "omg, too much!" and smile =], wear nice outfits that match and matching underwear and bra under it even though no one is going to see, or maybe they would but I always do that, and high heels and boots are in, and colorful sneaks like air jordans, air forces, ect. with skinny jeans, jewelry is nice. keep a necklace on or a ring or a bracelet, play up your assets, if you have big boobs show off your cleavage, find out wut color looks best on you. but make sure you have good hygiene, clothes that look good on you, nice hair, and smile.

    • Oh, and eat right, keep a flat tummy by doing sit ups every day I would say like 50 to 200

  • AS most others have said confidence... and taking care of yourself... If you love yourself others will too... :)



    literally, confidence is key. dress to make yourself look good, and when you look good, it will show in your behaviour too- because you'll feel more confident! good luck :)

  • Honestly the ability of a person to be "eye catching" is somewhat genetic.

    Let's face it though...we all don't fall off the "gorgeous tree" so...confidence and security in yourself go a longggg way in supplementing whatever God gave you in the looks department.

    Now, obviously taking care of yourself is important too, but the difference between someone who is perceived as being "gorgeous and perfect" is in the attitude.

    Be confident in yourself...don't try to fake it or be something your not, because in the end the real you will peak through anyway...

    • Yeah, it's mostly something you're born with. Taking bad care of oneself can ruin genetically acquired beauty but taking good care of oneself has very limited power in overriding ugliness that originates in one's genotype. I posted this very same thought but I've got a moderator stalking me so it got removed.

  • Natural glow - it's something you have or don't have.

    You can get this by getting some exercise, loving your life, eating right and having a heart of gold.

    • I agree with your first statement but not the second. Some girls 'have it' while others do not.

    • ...To counter that, I disagree with the first statement, but not the second. I've found moments where even "unattractive" people shine (with inner AND outer beauty in my eyes.) Everyone has the ability to bring out the best in themselves. To show it regularily is the part that's more rare.

      Just my opinion. ^^