First date? Help?

I don't know what to wear. We're going for a casual dinner, nothing fancy. Can i just wear high waist black shorts, v-neck white tshirt, black ballet flats and black aigner bag? Will that be appropriate?

do you have any suggestions on what i can wear?

Black handbag, the handle is gold and the bag is black leather. Aigner is the brand just incase some doesn't know


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  • the outfit you described sounds perfect.

    • Not too simple?

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    • Only because of the bag haha

    • hahaa well actually I really like your combination choice of the V-neck whit eshirt with the high waist black shorts. that looks classy in my head, then for a bonus you added black ballet flats, I LOVE THAT!

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  • i'd rather u wid jeans n sneakers gal 8)

    • Not a big fan of sneakers

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  • Wear a cute dress and some wedges! :D

    • Oh no not my style. I hate wearing dresses, too girly for me

  • Hmm that's a bit over casual. Can you wear a dress? Maybe with leggings underneath? Or tights with the flats would look good. You can dress it down with a cardigan!

    • Dont like wearing dresses. Dresses + leggings are stupid who does this anyway?

      My bag will dress it up a bit i think, its high-end so it will definitely dress it up

    • T-shirt and shorts is pretty boring/casual, are there any other options if you don't like dresses?

    • Playsuit. I like to show my legs, if i wear dress it will be really short dress and what if i need to pick something up from the floor? He would be able to see my underwear.

  • It sounds appropriate to me.