Why are guys afraid of pretty girls?

Especially in smaller towns! I want to go back to bigger cities just so I can get talked to again!


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  • They are more attractive and thus more intimidating. Guys tend to classify girls as out of their league if they're pretty. Take a club for instance, some of the most beautiful girls in there don't even get many guys talking to them. That's because the guys think they don't even have a chance. Most the guys that approach pretty girls are usually very confident or beyond that with an ego. If you don't think you even had a chance, why would you bother.

    My advice is if you see a guy you like you might have to work a little harder. Give him a nice smile and good body language. This might remove some of the barriers and may start him talking. If this does not work you have to start a conversation. Times have changed and sometimes women make the moves. I assume you're pretty so you'll most likely to have a good hit rate with men. :)

    • Yep, gotta keep taking the bull by the horns I guess....


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  • It's better to be a pretty girl than an ugly girl. Seriously most guys like you but they are too afraid of rejection so you may have to make it obvious that you're into him

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