My long hair chopped to shoulder length... what should I do?

i had long layered hair, somthing like victoria secrets model hair cut...
but i thought maybe i have to get rid of layers and have just one length hair...
so i went to salon and showed a pic of bob shoulder length photo...
hair"stylist" said she understand me and ended up with UGLY CHOPPED HAIR
it seeems like just were chopped and it looks ugly on me...
the hair on the back doesn't look smooth and doesn't blend , i did myself some layers on the front, but on the back and sides still look ugly and it remind of the square shape...
how can i get something normal from square shaped haircut shulder length without going too short?

it so ugly, that i can't even go on the streets and have really bad mood...
what shouldi do and how can i fix it?


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  • Oh my!
    I hate when you tell a stylist to do something... and then they do something completely difference.
    I guess that's the chance we take when we have someone else do our hair :(.

    I think you should just give it time to grow back.
    Style it in a pony tail.
    Or add clip in extensions to beautify it.

    • i can do my hair on the front, but i can't do it on the back and sides...

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    • i think it will not blend well... bcoz shape is squre and it heavy on the ends, i have to give it a nice shapr 1st and to grow it and then i will wear extensions maybe while growing

    • What is she Edward scissor hands? :\ Jeez.

      But don't worry it will grow back.

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  • guess only thing u can do is wait till they grow up... they grow quick ;)


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  • It's just hair, it will grow back!

    • it has ugly shapr so it will grow ugly too

  • I feel your pain girl :'(

  • just go to another hairdressers and explain the situation. say can you tidy it up but not to loose any of the length