Girls, What should I consider when I buy high heels to be sure they fit me?

When I see shoes I like I buy them, and eventually I realise I can't walk in them


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  • I shop for high heels all time and here my tips;

    1. If your big toe is less than a thumb space away from the end of the shoe, it's likely too small.

    2. If it's acting like a flip flop and you constantly have to readjust your heel, it's too big.

    3. If it's cutting at the back of your foot, that can mean it's either too small or too big.

    Hope I've helped ;)


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  • Girl. You have to break them in and practice practice. Where them around the house. When cleaning, doing laundry, cooking or just lounging around. That is the only way.. then you'll be pretty to work it in public..

    • so is it normal if high heels feel uncomfortable when I try them on for the first time? how long do you need to break them in?

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    • I tried one pair and they were coming out of my feet when I walked, so I bought one size smaller, but I realised that those were too tight on my toes. they were similar to those

    • I think it's the size issues... sometimes if they are a little smaller than your size. They could be broke in and be able to fit you. But you are risking getting corns or bunions. Just try to break them in. If they don't break in. I'd take them back. Heels needs to comfortable.

  • You should try them on and walk around in them to make sure your feet have enough room.

    • Usually I try on my size and they have so much extra room that they get out of my feet when I walk. Then, I try on one size smaller and they stay put but they are too tight on my toes...

  • Make sure your foot isn't too wide or too narrow! Super important. Also I hate it when the ends of my feet come out of the heel. To me it just looks bad. Best of luck

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