Honestly, what do you look for in a girl?

It gets annoying to hear guys say over and over again that they look for 'personality' in girls. I know for a fact that they're just too lazy to think about it, so I want some details! What sort of personality traits really grab your attention? I'm looking for the good, the bad and the horrifying!

Me? I'm partial to optimistic guys who know how to get the job done, but don't sweat the small stuff -black hair, green eyes and a rockin' bod are pluses. Major turn offs are guys who are nice to me but mean to other people, and guys who take themselves way too seriously.


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  • supportive, close to her family, doesn't worry about every little thing, enjoys goofing around and being silly are all qualities I look for in a girl's personality.

    physically I'm in to petite girls, preferably long brown/black hair. boob size doesn't matter but no pancake butts please :x

  • Wow, so EVERY guy is lazy... What a sexist claim..

    Turn on - Fun, loves life, doesn't get upset when you pull a prank, reasonable and rational.

    Turn off - control freak, lazy, always anger, crying when you dance with another women, can't handle a joke, doesn't want to have fun.

    • I was referring to every guy that I've asked, not guys in general. Sorry if it sounded like that. =P

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