How to get a lean body? Please help, will give out best answer also, unlike most people!!!

i have been working out but I have been doing strength training but I have realized that I don't really care that much to be strong I really want to be lean then go about strength

so my question is how do you become what kind of exercises do you do?

how much cardio should I be doing?

and is it possible for this body link to be lean by christmas? I weigh 200 and I'm 6ft


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  • Oh wow this is easy. How to transform to a lean body? Like Jacob from the twilight? That's actually easy, we'll at least on paper. Here it goes.

    1. Eat 5 times per day, small meals consisting of lean meats, chicken, vegetables, tuna, nuts, fruit, some breads, and plenty of water. You can drink sports drinks, just don't overdue it. Make sure to drink 9 glasses of water per day.

    2. Run every day and burn at least 250 calories on a treadmill. If you walk and run, that's fine, just make sure it's 250 at least.

    3. Work out the abs. Twist and stretch your torso with bodily movements that resemble a worm. You might think it's funny, but this is a major exercise. Why? The abs must be trained just like the other parts of the body. But doing crunches only works on strengthening the core. This exercise is like "running" for your abs.

    4. Find a strength conditioning routine that fits your body type. I would go more into details on this subject, but that's literally two pages long. So just find something that suits. But here are some things to add and follow. Do NOT clank the weights when your doing your reps. This is dangerous and should not be done. Do moderate weights that aren't too heavy, nor too light. For example, strive for 35 reps for dumbbell curls and so on so forth. Why? Because this helps give you that lean shredded look. Doing heavy weights gives you strength yes, but you'll get a leaner look much faster doing light intense workouts instead. Do try to take less breaks between workouts. Jump from one workout to another, using a different body part each time.

    5. That's about it. Oh, try to avoid eating fats and sweets. If you really feel you won't commit to that, allow yourself a cheat day every week. But ONLY if it helps you stay on course.

    Hope this helps.

    • I am not a certified trainer, but my ex is, and I'm the one who helped her train. I have 12 years of experience with weight lifting and nutrition. So, I hope I was able to help.

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    • Do not make yourself a program that is routine. Mix and match your workouts each time. Why? Because your body and muscles will get used to your routine, therefore decreasing your strength and power gains. Do not do an exercise that is difficult for you. If you've got back problems, don't do squat. Do the military press instead. Just make informed judgments. If you don't know about something, just look it up on google. That should be about it. Good luck.

    • One last thing, include the dumbbell fly workout in your program. That is the absolute best workout you can do for your chest. I do 3 sets with 18 reps each time.

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  • you need to drop weight. go running or biking play sports anything cardiovascular will burn calories and burn fat. don't mistake being skinny with being lean they are two different things. once you get down to in weight than you workout and start putting back on lean muscle weight. again there is difference between lean muscle and just bulky muscle. do a lot of body weight exercises, pushups, pullups squatthrusts etc. also when your trying to drop some weight workouts will help because the more muscle you have the easier it is for your body to burn fat. good luck and don't give up man

    • I do thirty minutes of running a day with my heartrate at like 150 some

      so like push ups, the gym doesn't have a pull up bar anything else?

      and I'm trying oatmeal in the morning and chicken at night

      what else should I be eating?

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    • How much protein and carbs should I have a day?

      and do you think I could be lean by christmas?

    • Eat a good amount of protein and carbs before and after a workout...before because it will give you energy you need to workout and after because protein helps with building more muscle tissue and carbs help with muscle recovery after a hard workout. and well if you work hard you can make a huge change in a month but it takes time, don't rush things and make sure you practice proper form so you don't get injured and make sure there's a lot of intensity in your workout.

  • Run. your not fat so that's good. You need to lose weight, but wht will help is if you get in the gym. Work your shoulders, chest, bicepts, tricepts and abs. you do alotta exercise you'll be lean by like mid January. I mean if you wanna speed it up go out and buy Lebrada Lean body. the downside is you have to keep working out to keep the body or else it will go fast