Calling all creative geniuses: Need ideas for a tattoo to commemorate my accident?

So I had a bad motorbike accident, Im still recovering from it but I have decided I want to get a tattoo to commemorate my accident. I am learning how to walk again at the moment so I have a long way to go and won't get it done any time soon.

Basically I want something that incorportates the chain of the bike that tore apart my ankle but that signifys the strength and patience I have had to have. Its not just the accident but I had a lot of personal things to deal with during my recovery too, my family has moved to another country and a very important person in my life decided I was too much of a responsibility and walked out. They were really the only person I have that is close to me. So as well as dealing with the accident I also have a lot of changes going on in my life as a result of it and other circumstances.

I feel like im not explaining this very well at all and so apologise! But yeah, I have had to deal with a lot of shit recently and have learnt that I only have myself to rely on and that even though sometimes I feel like its all too much I keep going because Im not going to let my accident, my circumstances and this person who has walked out define me and break me down.

Any ideas as to what I could get? A quote with a chain around it, a symbol of something made out of a chain? I dont really know, Im open to anything. All I know is that I want to get it on/around my ankle above my surgery scars. So throw some suggestions out there :) thanks guys!


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  • I've always thought it would be cool to get an engine with exhaust pipes coming off each side forming a wing so it looks like either a bird or angel in your case, I think that'd be pretty creative.

    You seem to have a pretty specific idea in your head, will you update this with a pic if you end up getting it?

    • I quite like that idea to be honest. I'm not artistic enough to be able to draw that haha.

      I just know that I want parts of the bike in the tattoo. Yeah when I have a design I will update this with a picture and then when I get it :)

    • Nice! I wish you luck then:)

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  • huh... that's weird... y u want to remember sth bad as this?

    • Because I will always have the scars so will always remember regardless. I want to remember that even though what happened was crap, I still came through it. Its more about remembering what Im learning about myself, if that makes sense?

    • then try some chain maybe?

  • I think you should get a chain that wraps around your ankle.

    • That was one idea I had but Im not sure if its too simple?

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    • Yeah. Sounds good! Do what you want though :)

    • I dont really know what I want though apart from the chain hahaha

  • How about a leg from the knee down, but the ankle is shredded, a chain wrapped loosely around it blood and gore flying everywhere, the foot is still connected though and the bone is steel and where your tendons in the back should be pistons,

    • My mate suggested I get my x-ray of my ankle done over my ankle with my severed tendons over the top and then the bike chain around it. But im not sure if I would be able to stand having a tattoo done over my scars haha. I like the idea of showing the internal damage though :)

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  • Find a tattooist you're comfortable with. Best to look at photos of work they've done and/or been recommended by someone. Arrange a consultation. They will look at your ankle and listen to what you want then they will design something to your specifications. You don't have to use their design if you don't like it but you may have to pay them something if you don't use it.

    Bear in mind tattoos can be done over scars but it will be more painful.

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