What makes a woman unattractive?

Not looks, but things personality, habits, way she dresses, makeup, etc.


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  • unattractive to WHO?

    • A potiential mate

    • Since there are so many "potential mates" 1/8 of world poplation= 850.000.000 with so many different tastes (some will abhor trashy or slutty girls, others will crave them, others will crave tomboys, others classy girls, still others nerdy girls) it's all a question of preferences!

      Some will like submissive girls, I prefer girls who stand up for themselves.

      Of course, looking like a Playboy bunny helps, because the publicity floods society with those and people are influenced by publicity.

    • Looking like a Playboy bunny makes it easy to get first contact, but how long will the effect last? 15', an hour, a week, a year?

      If that Playboy bunny has a rotten personality divorce will follow soon.

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  • Ugly? Brashness, loudness, pushiness, manipulation, acting stupid (like lack of intelligence), uncaring, insensitivity toward others.

    This list can go on and on...


  • Acting like a guy: Aggression, failure to recognise a losing fight, no concern about presentation, poor manners/habits.

    Acting bitchy: Back-chatting, no respect, no flirtation, self-entitled narcissistic self-opinion.

  • For me its - Dressing slutty (unless it's a costume party), too much makeup, loud, obnoxious, arrogant, spoilt.


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