Guys can you tell when a girl likes you?

Curious if you can tell a girl likes you even though she hasn't said it outright. Can you just tell by the way she looks at your and other nonverbal stuff?


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  • We have a really difficult time reading girls nonverbal clues. ALL girls are unique. One girl might not like to touch a guy she likes and the other can't stop touching the guy she likes. But some clues like how her pupils dialate when she's talking to you are some hints that drop from every girl. Some things that a girl does that make you think she likes you can be over read and she just sees you as a friend. It doesn't take much to know if us guys like you girls. Hahaha. But its sometimes fun to learn and experience different girls and see what kind of hints they drop and tell wether they like you or not. If the girl is purposely leading a guy on and dropping hints one day that she likes him, but then the next day makes it look like she doesn't like him then we guys tend to get really frustrated which then leads us to moving on to the next girl.

    • In regards to leading on, what if a girl that actually likes a guy sorta did that unintentionally because she was so shy and nervous around him. Do you think he'd want to be with her if she tried again?

    • I find that guys do the same too. But for girls, we do that unintentionally. Maybe we drop you hints one day, and then you don't have any response so we become embarassed/shy and just feel silly that we gave you hints. As a result, we try to act indifferent to you since you gave us the signal that you're not interested based on our hints.

    • Yeah I'm sorry Nylon that's also an exception and yes some guys I know talk about playing games with girls michie so you're right too.

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  • I can usually only tell when the woman is overt.

    When I first started talking to the woman I'm currently seeing, I thought she might like me due to what I thought was her flirting with me. But I quickly decided that I was wrong when I saw her being flirty with other men, I figured she was just naturally flirty with everyone. When we got together she said with me she was flirting and with everyone else she was being friendly. Even after she has told me this I still can't see the difference.

    The short answer is no, I usually can't tell.

  • I can never tell if a girl likes me or is just being friendly. Without her right out letting me know. For instance, this girl who I see almost everyday because she's on the softball team at my college and I am on the baseball team. So we all chill in the same place, and I normally don't talk to someone I don't know and don't care to know. This girl is cute, and sometimes I will walk by her, while she is with a lot of her girlfriends, and she will randomly start talking to me, I don't know if she is being nice or what. I wish girls would just straight out tell guys, but by doing so I would be hypocritical because I won't let a girl know I like her unless I KNOW she likes me, I will give hints and what not but never say anything about it unless I know for sure. Of course there are some exceptions where I tell them straight up tell the girl I like 'em. I've done it only 5 times. and only once has the girl felt the same back.

  • I can't, I assume everyone's just being friendly until they say that they want more...


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